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What we offer

Achieve better results with industry leading technology

Programmatic Advertising

A better way to invest your digital advertising. 

Eikon Digital creates programmatic marketing campaigns that target the right audience, and maximize your return on investment by enhancing the way your ad dollars perform. By tapping into software-driven programming tools, we can see campaign pacing while fine tuning your performance metrics across creatives, placements, geos, and audiences. 



Our Tactics

When you partner with Eikon, we ensure that ads are viewable, of the highest quality, and reaching the right people through the use of cutting-edge tactics and a team of industry experts.

Dynamic Retargeting

At Eikon Digital, we use dynamic retargeting to generate personalized advertisements based on a user’s past engagement. The end result of this personalization is a boost in click rates for dynamic ads over static ads.

Geo-Targeting & Geo-Fencing

At Eikon Digital, we use Geo-Targeting to maximize your customer's overall scale in key geographic locations inclusive of a country, state, or DMA. We also Geo-Fencing to dial in on single fence with single precision and serve ads to only specific neighborhoods around a location that matches the audience profile of any niche and category. 

Audience Buying & Prospecting

Learn from audience signals to customize targeting approach that finds more customers that look and act like your customers.

Digital Media

At Eikon Digital we deliver highly relevant display and video messages across your customers’ desktops, mobile websites, mobile apps and social platforms, with our expansive digital footprint and full-service creative options.

Our Ad Formats

Connected TV

Connected TV is an excellent extension to your you traditional TV media buy or can compliment to you digital video campaign. It delivers high completion rates, is non-skippable & provides a high-resolution branding experience.

Display & Video Ads

With images or rich media, these ads let you include customized layouts, interactive elements, animations, and more.

Push Ads

The platform allows reaching the mobile network's inventory using a world-class interface. Advertising based on Android and iOS data

We serve digital audio ads to digital radios, music services. podcasts, games, activity apps. 

Audio Ads

The reward video gives the user the option of interacting with a video ad in exchange for a reward in the application, encouraging the user to interact with more video ads. The reward video provides high completion rates.

Incentivized Video Ads

AI-powered marketing intelligence

Eikon Digital offers AI-powered marketing intelligence that puts you in control of your data.

Our technology brings striking visualizations and AI machine learning to your marketing analytics, giving you a holistic view of all of your data and empowering you to make smarter decisions.

Why advertise with Eikon Digital?

Performance Experience

Eikon Digital has extensive experience with performance based campaigns where we've been judged on leads or even transactional results.



Our experience trading team will work tirelessly to optimize and reallocate the campaign as needed until we achieve your goals. 


Customer Service

Your advertising agency will receive nothing but white glove customer service with Eikon Digital. With our local office in Miami we won't hesitate to make a face visit when you need us.

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